Trail Adventures For

Your Pup

ChattDog Trainer: Trail Hikes, Runs and More for Chattanooga,TN Dogs

Trail Adventures For

Your Pup

ChattDog Trainer: Trail Hikes, Runs and More for Chattanooga,TN Dogs

Does Your Dog Need More Exercise Than You Can Give Them?

Is your dog a little hyper or maybe a bit destructive? Sometimes an under-exercised dog or one who isn’t getting enough enrichment can become a handful at home. Our Trail Adventures are meant to help your dog get all that they need to be happy, relaxed and tuckered out.

What Is A Trail Adventure?

A Trail Adventure with ChattDog Trainer is an opportunity for your dog to run, explore, smell and swim with other like-minded dogs! They may even have an opportunity to be exposed to kayaks and horses. Your dog will be 100% supervised by our team, and we promise they will have an amazing time!

We can cover anywhere from 4-9 miles per adventure or we may cover less ground but get in a good swim! We’ll also work on skills like recall and other trail manners so your pup will be ready to walk, hike or run with you too!

How Do Trail Adventures Work?

Step 1

We pick up your pooch at a location of your choice and text you to tell you we did before heading out

Step 2

We spend a minimum of 2 hours on the trail, sometimes more - your pup may be with us from 3-5 hours

Step 3

We’ll text you when we drop your dog back off at the same location - you’ll get pictures, videos, a map of our route and one happy, tired pup!

***There are no more than 4 dogs per handler at a time

***Eligibility dependent on your dogs interactions with other dogs and recall skills


Single Trail Adventure : $40

Multiple Adventures per Week: $30/day

Multiple Dogs per Household:   $30/dog

Weather Policies:

Rain, snow, wind, mud just makes our times on the trails more exciting! We will NOT go out if there is lightning or if the roads are unsafe due to ice, flooding, etc. If it is extremely hot we will start earlier in the morning, take it slow, and stick close to swimming holes. If it is colder, we will go later in the morning and keep a faster pace. And you get to come home and rest knowing that your dog is happy and worn out!

Is Your Dog Ready for an Exciting Adventure?

“Our yellow lab, Otis, loves Heidi! As do we... When he goes out on the trail with her, we know he's getting good exercise, having a great time, socializing with other dogs, and working on recall.”

-Lizzie C.