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ChattDog Trainer: Dog Training for Chattanooga,TN Pet-Parents

Do You Think Your Dog Is Ignoring You?

Almost every pet parent has felt this way, we promise. It can feel like your dog is just being stubborn and you might be embarrassed by their behavior. But we promise you, it’s just a matter of communication!

We’ll help you and your dog learn to speak each other’s language a little more clearly and you’ll be understanding each other in no time!

What We Can Help With

Basic Manners

We’ll teach your pup to sit, stay, leave-it, polite greetings and everything in between

Leash Skills

Learning to walk on leash is a learned skill - we’ll help them learn it so you can both enjoy the walk


Wishing your dog would run back to you as excited as they did after that squirrel? We can help!

And Much More!

Your training is tailored to your needs!

Our Packages and Programs

We offer training in two different forms to suit your lifestyle needs and training goals!

All packages include:

  • A training folder

  • Handouts

  • Treats

  • Clickers

  • On going support

Private Training

For the pet parent who wants in on the action we offer private training. We’ll come to your home and not only train your dog, but teach you how to train them as well! We can get the whole family involved!

We'll work towards accomplishing your training goals, the skills that are most important to you for your dog to learn and we’ll teach you how to communicate with them to train more skills after our time together. Our private training program is 7 weeks long and includes 7 sessions where we train your dog together!

7 x 1 hr Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 4 Sessions In Your Home

  • 2 Field Trip Sessions

Investment: $1120

Day Training

Are you a busy pet parent who cares about their dog getting the training they need and deserve? Our day training option is great for pet parents who don’t necessarily have the time to train their dog, but don’t want to leave their dog at a board and train facility - and still want those sweet dog snuggles after work.

We'll train your dog 3 days a week while you’re out, at work, or just tied up with other responsibilities - and at the end of the week we’ll have a single transfer session where we’ll help you learn how to continue growing your pup’s new skills!

14 x 1 hr Sessions

  • Initial Consultation

  • 3 Sessions of Trainer & Dog Training per Week

  • 1 Transfer Session With You at the End of the Week

  • 1 Follow up Session

3 Week Investment: $2100

*Number of weeks can be customized.

Are You Worried Your Dog Needs Help Beyond Basic Training? 

Sometimes our training needs go beyond basic manners and cues. If your pup is showing signs of reactivity, anxiety, or aggression - we want to get you the customized help that you and your dog need.

Does Your Dog…

  • Bark and Lunge at Strangers or Dogs?

  • Guard His Food Or Valuable Objects?

  • Have A Hard Time Relaxing?

  • Exhibit Fearful Behaviors Of New Places Or Loud Noises?

Contact Us!

Schedule an initial 1.5 hr consultation where we’ll discuss your dog and formulate a training plan for your specific concerns and determine if a referral is needed.

Consultation: $200

Custom Packages: $155/Session

*Required number of sessions to address behavior issues will be determined after initial consultation with your trainer

How Training Works

Step 1

Contact us! Schedule your consultation and we’ll learn about you, your dog and your goals!

Step 2

We’ll train your dog through positive reinforcement methods to help you reach your goals

Step 3

Enjoy your well trained dog who will grow into a confident, happy companion for years to come

*There is a mileage fee of .50/mile if the location is more than 10 miles for downtown Chattanooga.

Are You Ready for a Positive Training Experience?

“Heidi is the best thing that has ever happened to my dog.”

-Patricia D.